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is the capital of the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic islands in Spain. Mallorca is known to be an alive island with life all year round, thus not only season active as the smaller islands Ibiza, Menorca or Formentera. In Mallorca many europeans have found their home city eighther purchasing an apartment in the Old Town of Palma or a high end sea front villa as offered by the prestige estate company Mubuk, which offers unparalleled luxury estates in Mallorca and Ibiza. In this video we hope to give you a little impresion of Palma city and Real Estate in Palma as well as Mallorca. Palma itself has different Old Town areas such as the Cathedral area, La Lonja and Santa Catalina. The Cathedral area is the aristocratic part of Palma, with noble homes and palaces as well as penthouses with sea views. La Lonja de pescadors is the area by the harbour with many restaurants and bars, a great place to go out and eat. Santa Catalina is like a village in the city of Palma, with its own lifestyle. Santa Catalina has its own market, El mercado de Santa Catalina, with dayly fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, there are boutiques, many bars and cafeterias to enjoy a café con leche, fantastic restaurants like Fabrica 23 or Tanto Amore. Santa Catalina for some in a way it could be compared to Soho New York. It is an upcomming area with buildings that generally don't exceed 4 floors, and therefore this area of Palma really gives this village feeling, allthough you are in the middle of a city. You don't need a car since a ten minute walk will take you to the Old Town of Palma or the Cathedral 'La Seu', there are supermarkets, hardware stores, video clubs, etc. Santa Catalina in old days used to be an isolated fishermens town separated from Palma. There is a Town Wall surrounding the Old Town of Palma, which can be seen on the Paseo Mallorca or parque Sa Faxina, that separated the Casco Antiguo from Santa Catalina. During following years, it all grew together to what Palma is now.

In Europalma we dedicate to the Old Town of Palma and Santa Catalina since 1997, as well as the Palma greater area like Portixol, Molinar, La Lonja and Mallorca. We offer Fastigheter such as convered fishermens homes, apartments and even luxurious penthouses that adapt to todays standards. On this page you will find links to Santa Catalina Fastigheter, Palmaproperties, Portixol and of course Mallorca Fastigheter.

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